Well Rehab

Our well rehabilitation techniques restore well efficiency, eliminate sand production and increase overall water well performance.

Well Rehab

Water Well Rehab

Water well rehab is necessary to maintain your well production long term. Water wells lose efficiency as they age.  Over time, well screens get clogged with scale and debris. The build up of biological debris blocks the passage of water in the well and as a result, decreases well production. Sand can also make it’s way into the well through holes in the gravel pack.  As a result, the pumping equipment will be destroyed, and produce high sand content in the water.  In order to restore well efficiency, the well needs to be rehabilitated. We offer multiple well rehab techniques that are proven to increase well efficiency and eliminate sand production.  

How do you know if your well needs to be rehabilitated? Water well rehab is your best course of action if your well is producing less water than it once did. If you have excessive sand in your water, that is also a sign that your well needs to be rehabilitated. The best way to determine if this is the case is with a well video. Well videos will show any problems down your well including excessive build up, holes in the casing, problems with gravel pack and more. A pump test is also used to determine your well efficiency. 



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Well Video Inspection

Well video inspection is an effective way to diagnose well problems. A diagnostic well video will allow you to view the condition of the well and determine what is causing problems. This is the best tool to inspect the well casing and screens and identify problems found in the surrounding areas of the well.

Rhino Pumps uses a high definition well camera that provides 360 degree well videos in full color. Our camera can video wells at any depth.  Rhino pumps’ well cameras can provide both both down hole videos as well as high definition side views with rotation.

We also have a well video viewing studio on site. This gives engineers or other customers an opportunity to view their well video in real time, if they request.  We provide digital copies of well videos and record information for future reference.

Well videos are invaluable in assessing the health of a well. We can see the amount of debris, biological build up, holes in the casing or screens, and problems with gravel pack.  Water well rehabilitation may be necessary to restore well efficiency and increase production. Rhino Pumps uses multiple water well rehab techniques to restore efficiency.


Rhino Well Blast

Our Rhino Well Blast uses shock wave technology to remove hardened scale and build up from screens, gravel pack and the surrounding areas of water wells.  This process can be done with or without the use of chemicals to break up biological buildup.  Rhino Well Blast has been proven to increase well production, improve efficiency and eliminate sand production. 

Well Blast can be completed start to finish in less than one week, as opposed to other well rehab methods. Our technique has completely eliminated sand production in wells that were out of use indefinitely, due to excessive sand. This method of well rehab is highly effective, fast, efficient, and much more cost effective than other water well rehab processes. To get a quote or discuss your well, contact us.

Rhino Pumps provides each step of your well rehabilitation process. We complete the well inspection videos, pump tests, well rehab, pump removal and installation and any other well services you need. We are also a preferred distributor for name brand well pumps in Utah and surrounding states.


Water Well Rehab, Well Rehabilitation, Brushing and Bailing, Water Well Services.

Brushing and Bailing

This is a common process for cleaning and removing debris from the well casings.  We use a long brush with wire bristles that fits the exact diameter of the well.  The brush is used to run up and down the well, removing debris and build up on the well casing. After the casings are cleaned with the brush, we remove the material that has fallen to the bottom of the well by bailing it out. The bailer is dropped into the well and collects the fallen debris. It is then lifted out repeatedly until the well is clean. Brushing and Bailing is a great option for cleaning accumulated materials from the screens and well casing to increase well production.  For more information, contact us.


Water Well Services

Rhino Pumps offers a broad variety of well services, including well videos and diagnostics, pump tests, well rehab, brushing and bailing, Rhino Well Blast, pump installation and removal and more.

Water Well Pumps

We sell, service and repair well pumps for any application. We provide installations and removal for well pumps. Our expert well pump technicians are highly skilled and fast to respond. For more info, contact us.

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