Municipal Pumps

Municipal Pumps

Our impressive range of pumps are designed to meet the extreme demands and toughest challenges in the Municipal Water Industry.


Municipal Pumps

Rhino Pumps offers a complete product range that will satisfy the demands for city water supply. We have a  premium pump for every application.  We realize the heavy demand in the public water supply industry.  High quality pumps, fast lead times and a team of pump experts make us the leading pump supplier in the municipal water industry in the region.  We can meet the demands of public water treatment, whether it’s high head requirements, course grit and abrasives, sand wear issues, water supply and boosting, deep well pumps and well issues, well pump installations and more.  

Deep Well Pumps

Rhino Pumps has a team that specializes in well pumps and well production issues.  We use a high resolution color camera for well videos, to help with diagnostics, low well water production and other issues.  Because cities cannot be without water, our on-site service team are there when you need us, in any emergency. We realize that you can’t have failed pumps.  Our focus is on cost-effective, yet high quality solutions that are going to last for decades and provide reliable pumping.  Rhino Pumps offers a complete range of water pumps for the municipal market.

Horizontal Pump Sales

Sales, Service and Repair

The municipal pump market is unique because of the bid process and high demand for cost effective solutions, while still providing quality and reliable equipment for city supply water.  Rhino Pumps is on-site the moment a need arises.  Our mission is to be fast to respond to your needs, and offer high-quality and long lasting solutions, which are more cost effective than cheap “fixes” that won’t withstand the test of time.  Rhino Pumps boasts a long line of products that are both high quality and competitive in a bid situation.  We also do all of our own installations, as well as fabrication and machining, sandblasting and coating.  This ensures the highest quality and cleanest process when buying new equipment, or servicing and rebuilding older equipment. Our high quality, vast experience and fast lead times make Rhino Pumps the preferred pump supplier in the municipal market.

Expert Quality. Fast Lead time.

Rhino Pumps is an exclusive dealer of pumps, offering top brands and leading manufacturers for every market.


Fast Lead Times.

Expert pump technicians specialize in field service, pump installation, water well diagnostics, pump troubleshooting and maintenance. 


Expert Pump Technicians.

 Our service shop is complete with fabricating, mechanical and machining capabilities. Fast lead times and expert service.


Superb Pump Repair.

Pump Products

Municipal Applications

Rhino Pumps Expertise

Rhino Pumps Sells and Services Pumps, Pump Systems, Pump Parts and Motors in the Mountain West Region; Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming and Arizona.

Premium Pump Sales and Pump Service in Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming and Arizona.