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Rhino Pumps Experts Are Waiting For You.

Pump Sales & Service

Rhino Pumps offers a wealth of leading manufacturers and products to satisfy every application. We are the preferred choice for vertical turbine pumps, booster pumps, slurry pumps, split case pumps and industrial pump sales.

Serving the Mountain West with the highest quality pump brands and service for every industry; including mining, agriculture, industrial, municipal, wastewater, commercial and more.

Rhino Pumps provides multiple well rehabilitation services to restore optimal flow and production to your water well.  We provide water well rehabilitation, well videos, well diagnostics and analysis, well pump sales, pump tests & more.

Our expert pump mechanics are highly trained and the best in the industry.  Our full service pump repair shop is complete with full machining, coating and fabrication capabilities.

Our expert on-site field service crew is highly trained and specializes in pump removal and meticulous pump installation, vibration analysis, pump testing, well videos, and pump maintenance.

Rhino Pumps stocks most replacement pump parts for leading brand manufacturers. We carry name brand and replacement  mechanical seals, pump accessories, well pump parts and more.

Pump Repair, Pump Rebuild

Rhino Pumps Expertise

Our #1 priority is to simply be the best.  Rhino Pumps will find the best pump solution for your application.  We match that with the highest quality products and meticulously trained experts and deliver the fastest lead times possible. Our level of commitment to our customer is unmatched.

Quality Product

Rhino Pumps works with the leading brand manufacturers and offers high-end vertical turbine pumps, slurry pumps, trash pumps, end-suction centrifugal pumps, mining pumps, agriculture pumps and more for every application and industry.  We have cost effective pumps and pump replacement parts in stock.  Our pump sales team and engineers can assist in the design and will insure you are getting the most efficient, highest quality pumps to meet even the toughest applications. 

Horizontal Pump Sales

Fast Lead Time

When it comes to water, time matters. Rhino Pumps boasts the fastest lead times in the industry.  Our field service crew will be there when you need us. Our customers value our fast response, expertise and experience.