Pump Repair services

Pump Repair

Rhino Pumps specializes in the repair of pump equipment in virtually every industry. That’s why we have served the Mountain West Region as a full-service provider of top-tier industry solutions. We take pride in helping our customers at every step of their journey. From the initial sale to dealing with inevitable wear, tear, and failure issues. Our shop is suited with pump rebuilds, pump repairs, and pump replacement capabilities, which is why we guarantee that we can restore any pump to optimal performance.

precision Machining


Rhino pump is a full-service provider that boasts precision machining infrastructure to add to your pump portfolio. We help our customers achieve their individual application needs through operation capabilities including milling, turning, straightening and much more. Visit our American Fork, Utah facility today for quality and fast turnaround times, so that you can return to full production as soon as possible.



Rhino pumps specialize in the fabrication of pump equipment for all brands and industries.  There is absolutely no reservation in regard to whether or not we have the infrastructure and ability to handle all of your fabrication needs. Our full-service American Fork facility can provide custom build base plates and discharge heads. In addition, we offer complete onsite service for any other pump ancillary items that you may need to optimize for the project at hand.


When we receive a piece of equipment for repair it’s not uncommon for the problem to stem from the electric drive motor. That’s why we are prepared with a full-service team of experienced service technicians to deal with even the worst- scenarios. At Rhino Pumps you can trust our professionals to have you pump motor running in top condition, hassle-free and with minimal turnaround time.


Rhino Pumps full-service shop includes the infrastructure to perform premium sandblasting and coating capabilities to keep your equipment running properly and efficiently. Our sandblasters employ systems with a mixture of water, air, and abrasives guaranteed to remove and prevent the accumulation of potential problematic surface contaminants. Give us a call today to take advantage of our high-pressure sandblasting and coating solutions.


At Rhino Pumps,  we believe in the benefit of saving you money by extending the maximum life of your pump’s motor. Our facility and on-site technicians feature teams of skilled industry professionals so that you can feel confident to leave your pump’s motor and service maintenance in the right hands. In addition, our repair capabilities include dynamic balancing technology proven to remove excess damaging vibration from your pump motor up to 10,000 lbs.

Rhino Pumps offers a wealth of leading manufacturers and products to satisfy every application. We are the preferred choice for vertical turbine pumps, booster pumps, slurry pumps, split case pumps and more.

Serving the Mountain West with the highest quality pump brands and service for every industry; including mining, agriculture, industrial, municipal, wastewater, commercial and more.

Rhino Pumps stocks most replacement pump parts for leading brand manufacturers. We carry name brand and replacement  mechanical seals, pump accessories, well pump parts and more.

Pump Types

Rhino Pumps provides all types of centrifugal pumps.  No matter how difficult the application, we have the optimal pump for your operation. We sell and service pumps of any size.  Our full service repair shop provides the highest quality service and repair, and we are a preferred distributor for leading brand pumps.  Rhino Pumps serves the Mountain West region with fast lead times and quality products from all leading manufacturers.

We sell, service, remove and install vertical turbine pumps of any size.  We have a turbine shop, with a highly skilled team dedicated just to vertical turbines.  When it comes to vertical turbine pumps, it is vital to be meticulous in installation and repair.  If you need a pump, we can help size, install, troubleshoot, or rebuild your pumps. We also offer a complete line of high quality new pumps for any application.

Rhino Pumps sells, pulls, installs, provides diagnostics, and repairs deep well pumps.  We specialize in deep well pumps for municipal, mining, industrial,  agriculture, and commercial applications.  We provide our own installations, making this easier for the customer to work with one company that provides and guarantees all aspects of your project, from sizing or new pump sales, to repairs and installation.

Our complete product line of booster pumps gives our customer many different options when choosing a pump for their application.  We have high efficiency pumps from leading brand manufacturers, as well as cost efficient options for every budget.  We sell, repair and install in-line booster pumps.

Rhino Pumps sells and services pumps and pump parts for all split case pumps.  We work hard to guarantee fast lead times, expert service, on-site service, repair, and high quality sales for all of your split case pumps and other pumping projects.

Sewage and Sump pumps are some of the many options that Rhino Pumps has to offer.  Do you need a new sewage pump?  If so, we can help!  Our team can help with sizing, diagnostics and troubleshooting, or repairing your existing equipment. 

We are a preferred supplier for fire pumps in the Mountain West region.  We sell, service, repair and install fire pumps.  Rhino Pumps works hard to provide high quality pumps and fast lead times.  Call today for pricing.

When you are dealing with abbrasives and corrosives, a durable slurry pump is essential to keep your pumps operational.  We boast a complete line of slurry pumps made with the most durable materials and heavy duty coatings to withstand harsh environments. Rhino Pumps sells, services, repairs and installs slurry pumps for all applications.

We have many different sizes and configurations of rotary lobe pumps.  We sell, service and repair rotary lobe pumps with the highest quality and fastest lead times in the Mountain West region.

If you are looking for a trash pump, Rhino Pumps has you covered.  No matter the application, if you are dewatering, we have the right pump for your application.  We sell, service and repair trash pumps of all sizes.  Call today for pricing and availability for trash pumps.

Rhino Pumps sells, services and repairs pumps from all leading brand manufacturers.  Call Rhino Pumps for questions or pricing on any size in-line pumps.

Our self-priming pumps are the leading choice for many industries, including food processing plants and sewage dewatering.  Our pumps are made with the most durable materials and protective coatings, which helps secure longer running equipment.  Call Rhino Pumps today for pricing on self-priming pumps.

Mixed flow pumps are often used in the municipal and industrial markets as a low pressure, high flow option.  We sell, service, repair and install many mixed flow pumps used for irrigation, sewage treatment, mine dewatering and reclamation.  Rhino Pumps boasts fast lead times and expert on-site service, and we carry the highest quality mixed-flow pumps on the market.

Call today for help sizing or designing your lift station equipment.  Our lift station pumps are made with the highest quality materials and are made and installed to last.  Rhino Pumps sells, services, repairs and installs lift station pumps and works hard to provide pumps and service with the fastest lead times in the industry.

Our diaphragm pumps are designed to withstand heavy duty applications.  Our pump technicians are experts in service and repair of any size or style diaphragm pump.  Rhino Pumps sells, services and repairs diaphragm pumps with the fastest lead times and highest quality service in the Mountain West.

Rhino Pumps sells, services, repairs and installs MAG drive pumps.  We boast the fastest lead times and the highest quality repairs and rebuilds.  Call today for pricing on MAG drive pumps for your pumping application.

High efficiency ANSI pumps, coupled with quick lead times and expert pump technicians is what makes Rhino Pumps an industry leader in ANSI pumps and ANSI pump parts. We sell ANSI pumps and ANSI pump parts.  Our full service pump shop is complete with machining, coating, dynamic balancing, and fabrication, making your pump repair easy and hassle-free.  Call today for pricing on ANSI pumps of any brand or size.

Rhino Pumps sells, services, repairs and installs gear pumps.  Call today for pricing.  Our expert pump technicians work hard to provide fast lead times and the highest quality service.